Dipper Note 01.15.18

Peter observed 2  dippers just upstream of Bridge 1 singing.

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Dipper Note 01.11.18 part 2

Barbara writes:

Thursday 1/11/18
I walked from the park h.q. parking lot upstream to the reservoir, on the west side of the creek. No dippers until I saw the unbanded dipper with the white-edged wing coverts foraging between 1st and 2nd bridges, about where it was seen on the dipper walk on 1/6. Then returned along the east side and watched the banded pair that was also seen last week, and in about the same area. They were foraging their way upstream from just north of bridge 2; the female (bSOO) was singing intermittently. Her mate (BBBS) was following her.

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Dipper Note 1.11.18 part 1

Peter writes:

Linda and I checked on the dippers this morning (1-11-2018) between about 9:00 and 9:30.
Linda observed 1 unbanded bird singing and foraging upstream from bridge 1.
I observed both the banded male from bridge 3 last year as well as the banded female from bridge 1 last year. They were together at bridge 3. Lots of singing. Both birds flew to the nest box, at separate times. The male carried nesting material to the nest box.

IMG_7659 both at bridge 3, 1-11-2018

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Dipper Note 01.09.18

Headed up to Bridge 3 this afternoon to see if any of the birds spotted on Saturday during the dipper walk were around. Particularly wanted to see if the banded male from Bridge 3 was in proximity to the banded female (first nested down at Hersey St. 2016) from Bridge 1. Nothing at Bridge 3 except a Merlin high up in a cottonwood just upstream so I walked down to Bridge 5 . No dippers. I let the dog out of the truck and put her on her leash and we walked up toward the Granite St. reservoir. As we neared Bridge 2 I heard dipper song. Just below the bridge was the Bridge 3 male singing. I walked down to the bridge and saw the female just above the bridge. When I walked back up to the road to continue the male flew onto a rock near the female and then she joined him on the rock.

A bit further upstream  (50 meters) I encountered another dipper alone and quiet on a rock.

I then continued up past the reservoir to where the road heads up to Reeder Reservoir before heading back down to Bridge 3 parking.  Back at Bridge 3 I checked one last time as I did not see the banded pair on my return. No dippers but the Merlin was still at its post.


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Dipper Note 01.06.18

The 19th Annual Dipper Walk started and organized for all 19 years by Bob Quaccia was held on Saturday Jan. 6. There were 13 observers and 5 American Dippers found along Ashland Creek as its winds its way through Lithia Park.

Thanks, Bob!

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