Dipper Note 04.27.17

Peter and Linda report 4 fledglings below the dam just above Bridge 1 being fed by the male.  No sign of the female.

At Bridge 3 the male and female continue to build their second nest and feed nestlings in the first. Bridge 3 is the only bridge with 2 nest boxes. The second box was an upgraded design from the first.

photo by Peter:

IMG_3278 feeding 4-27-2017 Bridge 1

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Dipper Note 04.26.17

The birds at Bridge 1 have fledged. The male was seen feeding 2 young that were in the creek just downstream from the nest. The female was not seen today.

At Bridge 3 both adults were busy building a new nest in the second box that is under the bridge and feeding the young still in the first box. They should fledge within the next day or two.

Peter took the following photos:

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Dipper Note 04.23.17

Linda and Peter:

This morning at 10:50 at bridge 1, the male carried a big fat bug to the nest.
  At bridge 3 at 11, the male arrived singing and then collected moss and took it to the nest.  The female brought a fecal sac out of the nest and then began foraging
The nestlings from both nests may fledge over the next few days.
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Dipper Note 04.12.17

Peter writes that feeding continues. All four adults observed with the males doing much of the feeding.

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Dipper Note 04.05.17

bridge 1 femalebridge 3 male with foodBridge 1 and 3 nests have hatched. Parents are feeding.

Yesterday afternoon I visited both nest sites. At Bridge 3 I watched the male feed 6 times in fairly rapid succession then another 3 times at close to 5 minute intervals. I never saw the female in the 25 minutes I observed. The nestlings were audible during feeding. They likely hatched last weekend..

At Bridge 1 I observed both adults feeding. I did not stay long here. difficult to hear the nestlings as the roaring water off the spillway and the rocks below is quite loud. The female is quite wary as she was last year at the Hersey St. nest site.


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