Dipper on the Smith River


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Dipper Note 09.07.16

There was an ebird report of a dipper sighting in the park on 08.19.16. From the description it was the female from Bridge 3. Anybody in the park up in that area please keep a lookout and give us a report.




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Dipper Note 08.01.16

Breeding season wrap-up:

Checked Bridge 3 nest boxes and found no evidence that the Bridge3 pair had a second brood. The nest box had a clean nest inside. No fecal material,eggshells,etc.

No dippers seen. The Bridge 3 pair had only one brood this year which successfully fledged .Their second attempt failed for unknown reasons.

Checked Hersey St. nest and it looked used . The Hersey St. pair had two broods that successfully fledged.


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Dipper Note 07.19.16

Dippers from elsewhere:

Fellow Dipper fans,
I’d like to report a sighting of a Dipper on Crater Lake at the base of Chaski Falls, a seasonal, snow fed falls that comes down the caldera wall. There have been multiple sightings, a strange location as it is a very short, shallow, steep falls that originates from a scree slope.
Captain Bob


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Dipper Note 07.16.16

Pepper reports seeing the female near Bridge 3.


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