Request For Dipper Sightings 2017

Any sighting of the American Dipper along Ashland Creek is welcome again this season. We still have four banded adults and nest building has started.

Go here for some tips on collecting and sending us your observations:


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Dipper Note 02.23.17

Lee  posted this on the Rogue Valley Bird list:

‘There was a pair at bridge # 3 on Ashland Creek bringing in nesting material. (It was 2/21 last year that I (saw) the same activity) Didn’t have binos so I couldn’t tell if they were banded…’

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Dipper Note 02.02.17

This afternoon just where the creek enters the lower Granite St. Reservoir I saw the banded female from Hersey St. foraging. As I watched her another unbanded bird flew into the same general area. They both foraged near each other quietly.



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Dipper Note 01.07.17

Bob reports that weather conditions forced the cancellation of the 18th annual January Dipper Walk. Later in the day Bob and his granddaughter walked the creek and found 3 dippers including the female from Bridge 3.


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Dipper Note 12.29.16

Brandon reports that Nate T. spotted the Bridge 3 male when they were doing the Ashland Christmas Bird Count. It was near Bridge 2. Thank you Brandon and Nate!

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