Dipper Note 06.26.16

Peter and Linda report that the Hersey St. birds may have fledged as they did not see any birds in the nest area.

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Dipper Note 06.25.16

Bridge 3 pair were still acting like they were incubating from reports Peter and Linda sent. I checked June 15th and both adults were present and no evidence of nestlings.

From all appearances the second nesting attempt at Bridge 3 has failed as it is getting rather late.

Donna and Peter report seeing the female feeding the 2 nestlings in the box  at Hersey St..

Hersey St. nestlings (Peter Kreisman)

IMG_8147 Hersey Street 6-18-2016

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Dipper Note 06.10.16

Donna reports from Hersey St.:

June 10: 2:45 – 4:30
I stopped by Hersey St. bridge three times during the afternoon, and observed the female foraging downstream and returning to feed the 2 nestlings. I didn’t see the male.
Total observation time: about 15 minutes

In my yard, which is a few hundred yards downstream from the bridge, I observed a dipper fly downstream, returning upstream a few minutes later – about 6 trips during the hour. I believe it was always the female, but not sure. The trips ended about 5:30.

Thanks to Donna.


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Dipper Note 06.07.16

Peter reports seeing both adults feeding the nestlings at Hersey St. He saw 2 nestlings.

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Dipper Note 06.06.16

After receiving Peter’s reports I stopped by both nest sites in the afternoon.

At Hersey St. the female was in the nest box and she was brooding 2 nestlings from what I could see when viewing the box with binoculars from downstream. They must have hatched sometime in the last week since Donna’s note on May 30th.

At Bridge 3 I saw both adults near the bridge and watched the female fly up to the box and stay. She was not carrying food . The male stood guard on one of the rocks below and preened. Something  may have happened to delay the hatching of their second brood. Questions….



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