Dipper Note 02.07.18

We saw a pair of dippers near bridge 1 today (2-7-2018), including the orange female.
The unbanded pair in the fairy pond area was also there upstream from bridge 1.
Seems like we have at least 7 birds on the creek, with 3 pairs.
Peter and Linda IMG_8035 two dippers 2-7-2018 at dam

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Dipper Note 02.06.18

We covered Ashland Creek from the Hersey Street Bridge to the fairy ponds above the reservoir and upper parking lot.
In all we saw 5 birds.
Nothing until the stretch near the upper duck pond, Then;
1 lone unbanded bird singing in the creek by the upper duck pond
2 birds together, Mr. Blue and an unbanded bird by bridge 3
2 unbanded birds together in the fairy pond area above the highest public parking area
No sign of the Hersey girl .
Peter and Linda

note: fairy pond area refers to pools in the creek where the creek bends sharply as it comes down from Reeder Reservoir

Peter made another video of Cedar Waxwings near Bridge 3:

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Dipper Note 01.31.18

This morning Peter and I saw several Dippers in the park. One (unbanded) was in the creek between the playground and the bandshell . The blue-banded male was at Bridge 3 and we saw two unbanded birds together just below the bridge down stream from the last parking space up above the park. There was no sign of the orange banded female and probably of the white fringed bird either. Linda

IMG_7845 2 birds 1-31-2018 above loop road

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Dipper Note 01.30.18

Donna writes:

1/30/18 3:45-4:20
Late this afternoon I saw 4, perhaps 5, dippers. At Bridge 1 the Hersey girl was foraging alone, about 50′ upstream, and an unbanded dipper foraged about the same distance downstream from Bridge 1. Right at Bridge 2, Mr. Blue and an unbanded companion flew from rock to rock together, foraging and singing for a good 20 min., then moseyed on upstream, still together. I went on down to Bridge 3 but saw no action. When I got back to Bridge 1, the Hersey girl and an unbanded companion were singing and foraging together on the same large rock. All of a sudden another unbanded dipper flew upstream towards them, landing on an adjacent rock. The Hersey girl quickly flew to a third rock; she kind of bent forward, then spread her wings wide and fluttered very rapidly while making sounds I’ve not heard before. Then the two unbanded birds flew upstream out of sight, and the Hersey girl started foraging alone for a few minutes. Then she also flew upstream.

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Dipper Note 01.29.18

Headed up to Bridge 3 area late this morning and found ‘Mr. Blue’ singing just above the bridge with another unbanded bird close by. I watched them move about close together. The other bird may have been a female.  Mr. Blue went up into the nest box once.

I then walked up along the creek toward Bridge 1 when just above Bridge 2  I heard more singing and saw the unbanded male and the ‘ Hersey Girl’  foraging together.  I walked up further beyond the reservoir and saw no other dippers. I walked back down.

Upon returning to Bridge 3  I  heard some singing downstream and then saw 2 unbanded dippers moving up to the bridge. They were acting like a pair and they both visited the nest boxes below the bridge and even landed on the bridge before slowly foraging their way upstream. No sign of Mr. Blue or his companion from earlier assuming that neither of the 2 new dippers was the one from earlier.

So at least 5 dippers possibly six dippers were in the upper part of the creek today. Maybe we will see 3 pairs nesting this spring.



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