Request For Dipper Sightings 2017

Any sighting of the American Dipper along Ashland Creek is welcome again this season. We still have four banded adults and nest building has started.

Go here for some tips on collecting and sending us your observations:


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Dipper Note 03.24.17

Visited Bridges 1 and 3 this morning.  At both bridges the  respective males were alternately standing watch and feeding in the immediate vicinity. Both females were sitting in the nests. The Bridge 3 dome inside the nest box is definitely sporting a side entrance design.


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Dipper Note 03.16.17

Bridge 1 pairdipper on nest Bridge 1American DipperA quick update: both the Bridge 1 and Bridge 3 pairs appear have started to incubate eggs in the nest. Likely to have just started in the last day or two.


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Dipper Note 03.09.17

This afternoon I visited Bridge 3 and Bridge 1 to see how the nest building had progressed.

Bridge 3: No dippers in sight from Pioneer St. up to Bridge 3. A look from below the bridge revealed that the pair has nearly completed the nest in the original plywood box.   Because of the high and fast water it was difficult to get a good angle. Here is one photo:

bridge 3 nest

Bridge 1: A look under the bridge showed a completed moss dome in the nest box.  With no dippers in sight I walked up the creek past the reservoir . While there were marked rocks I saw no dippers. On my return down the road I saw the unbanded male swimming near the spillway in the reservoir.  As I watched he called and flew toward the roadside bank near where I was standing .  Just beyond the blackberry tangle on the bank in the reservoir the banded female was standing on a rock.   The male flew in and mounted her for 10-12 seconds. They then moved just a few meters up the reservoir staying close to the bank near where I was and mated again another 2 or 3 times .


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Dipper Note 03.08.17

Eric sent along a couple of photos and a note about the male at Bridge 3.

“…I stopped by Lithia Park this afternoon about 3:30 to see if any dippers were around. I saw this bird immediately just downstream of the bridge on the log that is hung up on the rocks…”


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Dipper Note 02.28.17

Peter reports nest building at Bridges 1 and 3. He submitted data sheets for both.

“In summary, I visited 4 sites. In about 10 minutes each, I saw nothing at Main Street and Hersey Street. However, at Bridge 3, I saw busy nest building by the banded male from bridge 3 last year, as well as an unbanded female. The reverse was true at Bridge 1, with nest building by the banded female from Hersey Street last year, and an unbanded  male. ”

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