Dipper Note 04.12.15

Peter writes:

This afternoon I spent about 15 minutes (from 3:30 PM) at bluebird park. When I arrived, the female was preening on a rock. The male flew in and up to the nest, then flew down by the female.After a short time the female flew downstream and did not return until the end of my observations, when it flew up to the nest and stayed. Meanwhile the male made 4 feeding trips to the nest.

Next I went to bridge 3 and stayed 20 minutes (from 4:00). The darker bird was standing watch on a rock below the nest. This bird made no obvious feeding trips to the nest, but flew out, returned (with no food), and then flew up near the nest once, without entering, then briefly entered the nest, and then splashed into the water below the nest where it swam around a bit and then flew upstream. Meanwhile, the lighter bird made several feeding trips to the nest….

light dipper Bridge 3

light dipper Bridge 3

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Dipper Note 04.07.15

Hatching has occurred at the Main St. nest site (likely within the last day or so):

Peter and Linda reported that yesterday they saw both adults outside the nest and watched several trips to the nest but were not able to verify any food carries.

Today Peter did:

“Watched for a short time (15 minutes) at Bluebird Park until about9:30 this morning. Saw both dippers out of the nest at first, and then the male made several trips (4 – 5) to the nest box.”
 Peter’s photos:
IMG_8254 dipper pair, 04-07-2015, Bluebird ParkIMG_8273 feeding dipper, 04-07-2015, bluebird park
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Dipper Note 04.03.15

A group of us  met this morning at Bluebird Park to check on the dipper nesting progress.

Both adults were present at Main St. under the bridge with the banded male being seen feeding upstream of the bridge and nest. He was joined by the female who left the nest to feed. They are still incubating and hatching is anticipated in the next few days.

We proceeded up to Bridge 3 where when we arrived we observed the dark bird below the nest.

Soon it flew downstream and returned in a couple of minutes with food. We could now hear young begging from the nest when it arrived on the rock below the nest right before it flew up. We watched another couple of feedings then saw the light bird emerge from the nest and fly downstream. It too returned with food and flew up to the nest but stayed for awhile while the dark bird fed a couple of more times. Then the light bird emerged and both birds flew downstream and came back with food. We did see the light bird fly upstream near the end of our time. The chicks are now  approximately 5 -6 days old.

We headed up to the Granite St. reservoir area and saw no dippers. It was speculated by the group that recent sightings in that area may have been one or both of the Bridge 3 birds. As there is no apparent pair in the area the Bridge 3 birds upper territorial boundary may be much more fluid.





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Bridge 3 Light Bird

American Dipper Bridge3 4


American Dipper Bridge3

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Bridge 3 Dark Bird

American Dipper Bridge3 5American Dipper Bridge3 3American Dipper Bridge3 1

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