Dipper Note 01.28.16

Today I learned that the banded Main St. male had been found yesterday morning up at the Ashland Drinking Water Plant by Reeder Reservoir . It had apparently died after striking a window at the plant. This male had successfully bred for two seasons with a different female each season.  fdl



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Dipper Note 01.02.16

Bob reports that during the 17th Annual Lithia Park Dipper Walk that six birds were sighted along Ashland Creek.


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Dipper Note 11.09.15

Linda writes:

Peter and I saw an unbanded  dipper with a little yellow on its bill foraging between bridges 1 and 2.

IMG_3144 dipper 11-9-2015 near bridge 2

photo by Peter Kreisman

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Dipper Note 10.30.15

Bob reports seeing two dippers on Friday, Oct. 30: “I saw 2 Dippers on Friday, Oct. 30th. One was banded, all I could see was 2 light colored bands on one leg and red on the other. It was foraging above, then below bridge 1. I went up further above the swimming reservoir and when I came back downstream I saw a bird by the concrete reservoir and another fly by it and what looked like a chase downstream. Shortly after one returned back upstream and kept going.”

Note: The banded bird would be the male from Main St./ Bluebird Park nest. That bird was banded June 2014 and has fathered 3 broods over the past 2 seasons. fdl

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17th Annual Ashland Dipper Count–Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016

Bob Quaccia will lead the 17th Annual Ashland Dipper Count on Saturday,

January 2. Participants will meet at the Ashland Plaza at 9:00 a.m., and
the count will take approximately three hours as the group slowly works
its way up through Lithia Park.

For additional information, contact Bob at bquaccia AT hotmail.com

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