Dipper Notes 10.31.14

Lone American Dipper above  Granite St. swimming reservoir quietly foraging. Observed for 30 minutes.


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Dipper Notes 10.17.14

Bluebird Park 830hrs:

…drove up to the top and walked down as per usual.

Two  dippers were seen in the Granite St. swimming reservoir. When we first saw them one was on a rock on the east side and another was swimming and foraging nearby. Both birds were close together for a short while even sharing the same rock. One bird sang softly. One bird flew off up stream after the other moved a bit closer. Not really antagonistic behavior but could not say they were a pair. One bird appeared from the dark breast and dark mandible color to be an AHY bird (after hatch-year/so over a year old). The other bird I never got a good enough look to say. When I returned after the walk to retrieve my truck I did not see the birds in the reservoir and did not look upstream.
A lone bird was spotted foraging (successfully) between bridge 3 and 4. The bird kept flushing downstream ahead of us until we lost it below Bridge 5. It appeared to be a HY bird due to its light breast and light colored lower mandible. It called just once when we watched it and not loudly.
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Dipper Sighting 10.14.14

Yesterday John C. called me and said he was watching a Dipper below the Water St. bridge. I zipped down there and saw an unbanded bird slowly working its way downstream, foraging and bathing. We lost it below the Inn as it was moving steadily.


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Dipper Note 07.10.14

No recent reports or sightings of the dippers from the reservoir nest.

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Dipper Note 07.03.14

L. and I spent about 90 minutes walking the creek down from the dam, and found one adult dipper. It spent most of it’s time above and below bridge 3, foraging. We did not see it fly off to feed a fledgling. We lost it down by bridge 4. We watched it for about an hour in total. PKdipper adult, 7-3-2014, above bridge 3

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