Dipper Note 06.21.15


Peter and I saw one fledgling out of the nest at Main st this morning and one still in the nest. We also saw an adult(female) but did not observe any feeding in about 20 minutes. One quick trip up to the nest. Lots of standing around preening.

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Dipper Note 06.20.14

Today around noon I visited the Main St. Bridge nest box to see if the nestlings had fledged yet.

There was an adult under the bridge and in the box there appeared to be 1 nestling in the back of the box on top of the moss dome. I could not see the second nestling. I did see one feeding at the nest in ten minutes I was there. They may fledge within the next week.

Here is a photo taken with my phone where one can see a bird on the left side in the rear of the box.IMG_0325_38788fdl

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Dipper Note 06.17.15

Yesterday afternoon about 115PM, at Bridge # 3 I observed 1 fledgling being fed by one adult. It was about 20 feet above the bridge and the adult fed the fledgling frequently, about 1 time per minute for about 10 minutes, then the adult flew downstream and was absent for about 10 minutes before I left. The food appeared to be caddis fly larvae and the adult would find the larva in a pool close to the feeding spot and would break the larva case by beating it on a rock. EricIMG_9019IMG_9020IMG_9027

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Dipper Note 06.04.15

I had a chance late today to check on the dippers.

Bridge 3:
In 20 minutes of observation I saw only one adult who spent over 5 minutes preening before heading off upstream. It came back and fed once. Then went back up to the nest box and removed a fecal sac. Then took its position under the nest preening. I looked under the bridge and did notice a dried plant stem protruding from the nest entrance which seemed a bit odd. There may only be one nestling inside the box. It likely hatched between may 15-20.

I then visited Main St. Bridge and saw both adults and saw the male feed. There seem to be 2 nestlings. They are likely less than a week old.

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Dipper Note 05.14.15

Both Bridge 3 pair and Main St. pair are now incubating a brood. Bridge 3 is due sometime after May 15th and Main St. Pair closer to the end of May. Peter and Linda visited both sites yesterday on 5/13 and I visied today. No change.


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Dipper Note 05.08.15

Peter reports viewing some mating between the male and female at Bluebird Park this morning:

“I watched for 20 minutes total. Nothing for 3 minutes, then a bird flew to the nest from downstream. Then nothing for 3 minutes, and then an unbanded bird flew from the nest and preened on a rock for about 10 minutes. Then the banded male flew from upstream with lots of singing and mounted the female. The male then flew to the nest, the female remained on the rock, and I left.”


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Dipper Note 05.04.15

I visited Bridge 3 this afternoon and saw a bird up in the nest box when I peeked under the bridge. No other birds were seen nearby. By all appearances the pair has started a second brood and have started the incubation period.

We might expect hatching to occur around May 15.


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Dipper Note 05.01.15

Peter and Linda report seeing at least one fledgling and both adults. Lots of activity including time spent up in the nest by both adults .

There were apparently 2 nestlings and both have fledged. They fledged either 4.30 or 05.01.


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